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Improv & Sketch Fest 2017 Workshops for Participants Only

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Improv Fest_2017-webThe following workshops are only open to performers

Each performer gets to attend one workshop for free and pay $25 for each additional workshop. Registration for these workshops cannot be done online.


Characters in 3D
Taught By: Mayhem (Hannah Wydeven and Butch Roy)
Saturday 10am-12pm; Main Stage
Do you struggle with creating characters that actually mean something? Butch and Hannah will show you the art of creating instantaneous characters that have depth and history. Learn tricks to creating a character and practice the tools of going deeper. Make your improv feel easy and fun by living in the skin of a fully-fleshed and dimensional character of your creation.


Sketch Writing
Taught By: Jim Nemeth
Saturday 10am-3pm; East Classroom


The Intimate Space      
Taught By: License to Krill (Will Roberts and Kristen Pichette)
Saturday 10am-12pm; Black Box
One of the most beautiful things you can do in improv is make yourself emotionally vulnerable in front of an audience, and one of the most beautiful ways to do that is to open yourself up to a sense of intimacy- between you and your scene partner, and between you and the audience.  In this workshop, Will and Kristen from License to Krill will show you ways to safely approach opening yourself to intimacy in scenework- both by establishing boundaries and safe space with your partners, and by breaking down fears of being vulnerable on stage.


The Role of the Back Line –             
Taught By: Chuck Charbeneau
Saturday 1p-3p; Main Stage
Every Ensemble with more than two performers should hone not just their internal scenic awareness, but the abilities and connectedness of the back line. In this workshop we will focus on heightening and expanding the relationship being played in the scene using a plethora of edits and techniques.


The Math of Improv                          
Taught By: Bill Binder
Saturday 1p-3p; West Classroom
Class Size: 6-15
Left-brained thinking is great for analytical, logical, critical thinking. But it can also be a bit judgmental, which is why beginning performers turn it off for a while so they can learn to embrace the imaginative, creative parts of their brains without self-doubt. Once that creative part of the brain learns to thrive, however, most of us never allow the left brain to come out to play. That’s only playing with half the tools available to you. Improv – like any art – is filled with beautiful patterns and symmetries; volume, stage position, and status – they’re all variables which can be toyed with in a beautiful equation. This workshop teaches players not to be ashamed of their analytical gifts, but to learn how to apply them in all of their work to build stronger more cohesive shows.


Pace and Space
Taught By: Glassworks (Mack Hastings and Alex Raney)
Saturday 1p-3p; Black Box
In the Pace and Space workshop, we’ll focus on slowing things down and giving your characters the time and space to make organic, honest, and exciting discoveries in real-time. This workshop is all about freeing yourself from the stress of making the right moves in scenes and focusing on the natural connections that occur in your scenes. Perfect for beginners and intermediates looking to take the next step with their improvising.


The Power of You And I
Taught By: Chuck Charbeneau
Sunday 10a-12pm; Main Stage
In every scene, in every relationship, there are two things that are constant. You and I. The ability to work within this relationship and to understand these, the two most powerful words in improv, can determine the success or failure of a scene. The goal of this workshop is to help you gain a deeper understanding of the scenic power behind your relationships, and to help you discover how the ebb and flow of every scene can be understood and controlled through the positive expression of “You” and “I”


The Breaking Point:
A Strategic Method of Improvisational Acting
Taught By: Joe Rogan
Sunday 10a-12p; Black Box
Let’s face it: Some choices are better than others. Learn to instinctually make stronger, more engaging choices by adopting a strategic viewpoint of improvisation. Discover the differences between an internal vs. external focus, and an emotional vs. informational paradigm. Exploit patterns through revelations, evaluations, heightening, and emotional duality. Watch for the bomb to drop on the scene, and, above all, become more vulnerable in your work!

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