La Crosse Community Theatre is an equal opportunity employer.


Current job openings

Contract positions

Stage Managers

  1. Attend auditions, rehearsals, all performances, and strike. Attendance at production meetings preferred.
  2. Prepare and clean up rehearsal space, record movements of actors and props on stage, prompt actors with their lines, take notes for members of the production team, and keep track of all rehearsal props and costume pieces.
  3. Assist the director in creating rehearsal schedules and contact sheets.
  4. ‘Call the show’ for performances; guide tech crew through their cues. Stay on headset to make sure actors and crew are where they need to be and to communicate with front of house.
  5. Secure the building after all rehearsals and coordinate with front of house staff to secure the building after all performances.
  6. Complete additional duties as required by production.

Based on production.



If you are interested, contact...

Please email a letter of interest that includes your past theatre experiences to Dominique Luecke, Production and Special Event Coordinator.