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For more information about these opportunities, please contact the Box Office (608-784-9292).

Costume Construction

1400312862_SuitCostume volunteers are instrumental in building costumes as well as putting finishing touches on projects. Anyone who can sew or craft—from simple alterations to full-scale constructions—can easily become involved. Give as much time as your schedule allows.

Time Requirement: Flexible—and remember, we can teach you anything from simple skills to complex sewing—whatever fits your comfort level.


1400313028_ClothesCostume Run Crew

Costume run crew spend their time backstage helping actors with quick costume changes , hair styling and makeup, and making quick repairs as needed. This is a great way to be a part of the action during performances!

Time Requirement: 5 rehearsals one week prior to opening and 12 performances.

1400308598_hammer_toolSet Construction

Volunteers who enjoy building and painting are great for this area! These volunteers assist the Technical Director with constructing and painting the set. Set construction is a great place to learn some basic carpentry and painting skills. Training is provided to those without experience.


Time Requirement: Normally weekdays from 10 am to 5 pm, in addition to special evening or weekend workdays.

1400313126_RunnerRunning Crew

This is the perfect opportunity to learn and experience what happens behind the scenes of a theatrical production. Crew members are responsible for any special effects needed from backstage in addition to changing the set between scenes and during intermission. Running crew is also used to set props both backstage and onstage before and during performances. This is a great way to be a part of the exciting live performance without being on stage.

Time Requirement: 5 rehearsals one week prior to opening and 12 performances.

1400312712_control-panelLight Board Operator

No production could happen without a light board op! The light board operator is the person in charge of running the computerized lighting console. This person works directly with the stage manager to ensure all of the lighting cues are executed on time. Training on how to use the light board will be provided. It is as simple as the push of a button!

Time Requirement: 5 rehearsals one week prior to opening and 12 performances.

1400312438_PaintProps Designer

Props are anything that is not an actor or part of the set! If you are a crafter and enjoy antiquing and flea marketing, this is the area for you! The props designer is responsible for finding, borrowing, buying, building and researching all the hand props used by actors. Props designers work closely with the director and scenic designer to enhance the look of the show.

Time Requirement: One production meeting per week; the rest is flexible! You will be given a deadline for when everything needs to be at the theatre, but you can work on your own time!

1400308565_speaker_volumeSound Designer

The sound designer is responsible for finding music and sound effects by analyzing the script, researching the world of the play, and working closely with the director. Any familiarity with the sound board, SFX Sound Effects Playback program, and Adobe Audition sound editing software (or your own software!) is helpful but not necessary. We will train you on any equipment or software that is needed!

Time Requirement: One production meeting per week, 5 rehearsals prior to opening; the rest is flexible! You will be given a deadline for completed sound cues, but you can work on your own time!

1400312712_control-panelSound Board Operator

The sound board operator works closely with the stage manager in executing sound effects during the performance via the computerized sound program. The sound board op may also be responsible for controlling live microphones that may be used in the production. No need to worry about previous experience; volunteers will be trained to use our equipment!

Time Requirement: 5 rehearsals prior to opening and 12 performances.

1400311986_audio-headsetStage Manager

This is the right hand of the director. During rehearsals, the stage manager keeps a record of all the movements on the stage, a running list of anything added that is not in the script, prompts the actors with their lines during rehearsals, and assists the director in creating rehearsal schedules and calendars. During performances, the stage manager “calls” the show: sitting on headset backstage and guiding the tech crew members through their cues. The stage manager is also responsible for coordinating locking up after performances with the House Manager.

Time Requirement: 5 days per week for 5–8 weeks of rehearsal for approximately 3 hours per day and 12 performances.

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